Happy 7th, Dresden!

7 years ago today, my sweet sister, Dresden, was born.

I was about six-and-a-half when she was born, and I remember really, really wanting a sister. I also remember just having a feeling that the new baby was going to be a girl, I just knew it! :)

Dresden has always been the creative one in our family. She LOVES to draw pictures, and is totally the best artist out of the six of us. :)

She is funny, sweet, caring, stubborn, independent, loves style and will often wear dresses around the house, a tad dramatic at times, compassionate, a little nurse to everyone (she will seriously be really concerned whenever I have a cut on my arm or leg or something that is bleeding, and she will wash the cut and then put a Band-Aid on it), and she (sometimes) loves to clean! How awesome is that!? :)

I am  very thankful that God gave me a sister like Dresden, because I have learned a lot over the past seven years! It is a big responsibility to be a big sister, especially to little girls, because they especially look up to and want to be like you.
 And I feel that Dresden and I are very close, even though we are several years apart.
 I pray that when we are adults, we will still have a strong relationship and be each others' best friends.

This picture makes me smile. It was taken a few days after Dresden was born, so it was 2005. As you may have already guessed, Dresden is the little baby. :)


How can you be seven years old already?!
I remember the day you were born; how happy I was that you were a girl, holding you for the first time, and knowing that I loved you very much, even though I didn't even know who you were. And it has been so fun to watch you grow and change these seven years! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and change and mature in your walk with Christ over the years to come.
You are a sweet little sister, and I love you so much!
Happy Birthday!
Your big sister,
Alley :)


Kels said...

Happy birthday to your sister too! How funny both our siblings have the same birthday, and are the same age!! :)

Have a lovely day, xx~Kelsey

ginger felich said...

That was beautiful Alley ! Your siblings are blessed to have such a loving big sister !!