Need a Laugh?

This video is hilarious, and I was reminded of it earlier today and thought I'd share it.
This is for all you homeschoolers! :)

(As a side note, I think it's amusing how whenever I type the word 'homeschooled' or 'homeschooler,' the auto-correct doesn't recognize it as a real word! It sort of reminds me of the reaction I get from most people when I tell them I'm homeschooled... "Homeschooled? What is that?!" ;D)

*I love what he says about what homeschoolers (supposedly) say about their siblings. :D*


Nicky Cruz Interview

I'm going to be in The Cross and The Switchblade with Greenleaf Music & Arts Studio next month, and I'm really excited! I'm praying that God will work in the hearts of our audience and that we will bring glory and honor to Him while telling this story.

Here is a video of Nicky Cruz being interviewed the day that the preacher who shared the gospel with him, David Wilkerson, passed away.

It's definitely amazing how much God changed Nicky Cruz and how He opened his eyes to see Him.


Where did the time go?

Stumbled across this picture a few days ago and oh.my.goodness.
We were so little!


A Year!

Well, I have officially been blogging for a year now; feeeelllsss goood! ;)

Here is the blog post I wrote a year ago today.


 Happy Saturday!