Goodbye, 2012. Hello, 2013!

 2012 has been a good year for me--a year of new experiences, a year of growing spiritually, a year of blessings and grace.

I am looking forward to seeing what this next year, 2013, holds for me and my family. And I know that whatever happens this year and in the years to come, my Heavenly Father will always be with me and He will never leave me.

Goodbye, 2012...Bring it on, 2013!

Happy New Year!!!



Merry Christmas!!!

"He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy. He, the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute."  ~Augustine 

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

Merry Christmas, y'all!!! 


The Valley Haven Christmas Show

I had the opportunity to be in Greenleaf Theater's Christmas play earlier this month. It was a comedy about old folks in a nursing home, so it was super fun to do! :)

Thank you, Kady for letting me use your pictures!

I was the choir director of a choir that came to the nursing home and sang for the residents. This is me in action. :)

Kayla played Ethel, the grouch of the bunch, and she did a wonderful job even though her character's personality was quite contrary to her real personality. :)

Ethel and her granddaughter.

It was a great cast! I had an awesome time working with these fun people!


The End of the World?

I (jokingly) told my family earlier in the month, "If I wake up on December 21 and the world hasn't ended, I'm going to laugh my butt off." ...so guess what I did this morning when I woke up? ;D 

Not that I thought the world was going to end---I'm pretty sure it says in the Bible that no man knows the day or hour that the Lord will return, so why are the Mayans any different? 

With that said, here are some End-of-the-World Day funnies. :)

yep...pretty much.


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Love this! 


Home Again

I just got back from an awesome trip with my mimi, visiting my aunts and their families and cuddling my new baby cousin, who arrived while we were there. :)

God has truly blessed me with a wonderful "immediate-extended" family and I'm thankful that I have been able to see those who live out of town as often as I have over the past several years.
 It was hard to leave after such a long, great visit with them, but I am glad to be home and with my own "little" family again! :)

Here is a picture of my sixth cousin, Griffin Clay. 
on Thanksgiving Day--he is so precious!