I just have a quick "praise" to share on here with you all. :)

Very recently, I had a little scare concerning my health. I was really worried and afraid. Because I did not know what was going to happen, all I could do was to trust God, which is sometimes a lot easier said than done. This question kept coming to my mind: why is God allowing this to happen and what is He trying to teach me through this?

Well, my health concern turned out to be nothing serious at all. Not only did I feel a huge sense of relief when I heard that nothing was wrong, I was also very thankful to God. He had answered my prayers and the prayers of my family and friends.
I think that though this was a minor thing, it helped me to remember that my life is in God's hands each and every day and that I need to fully depend upon and trust him.

Thanks to all who prayed for me!

"The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust..." ~Psalm 18:2


I'm back....I hope!

I have been busy these past several days, and so have not gotten the chance to really sit down and blog in a while.

And well, I don't have that much to say right now that would be of any interest to anybody. The only things I have been doing lately are:

  • entertaining my adorable little cousins (they went home on Monday. :( )
  •  reading over and getting familiar with the script for the Kids of Bristol show I am going to be in this summer.  (I actually went to my first costume fitting on Wednesday, which made me so excited for the show! Hurry up, August...)
  •  playing outside
  • taking pictures (of course!)
  • a little schoolwork
  • drinking iced tea
  • playing with my blog's design a little   
  • baking
  • reading
  • sleeping in (yay!)
So, I am just enjoying these lazy almost-Summer days, when not much is going on, because next month will be a little more hectic for us, as will July and August.

I just wanted to pop on here and update briefly on all that I've been doing lately. I hope to be back soon, once I have more things to blog about.

Have a lovely weekend! :)


Pics of the CC Awards Night

Here are a few photos that my mom took of the awards night for our CC group. It was a fun time, and I am thankful for all of the many friends I've made this past year! :)

Mom and us kids before heading out. My dad took this picture and thought it would look cool from this angle. Oh, Daddy... :D

And then we had to have a picture with our dear father as well! :) I love Liam's face....very typical for him.

reciting the scripture memory work
Dresden, doing the motions for the timeline
Liam and his good friend, Noah.
Liam, about to receive his Memory Master award...SO proud of him!
reciting the first twelve elements of the Periodic Table

Me, receiving my Honorary Memory Master award.
Congratulations, Memory Masters! (again, LOVE Liam's face)

We finally did it!!!

And...well, these are sort of unrelated, but here a few pics from our fun afternoon with friends earlier this month.

Photo credit goes to Keely
Ya got me!

Hi, Keely!

Sorry, Keely...I just had to. :D

Well, that's about it.

And now I must go prepare for a fun evening with my little cousins, who are here on a surprise visit from out of town!

Have a great Monday and enjoy this lovely Spring weather!  :)


Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom for everything you do for me, which is so many things I can't even begin to list them all. But here are just a few of the many things I want to thank you for.

Thanks for working  hard each and every day to take care of me, Liam, Dresden, and Megan.
Thanks for supporting and encouraging me in my acting pursuit, and looking for opportunities for me to do what I love.
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about anything and everything.
Thanks for homeschooling me.
Thanks for putting up with me all these years. :)
And most of all...
Thanks for teaching me about God and setting a godly example for me.

I love you so much Mom and I am so glad you are my mom!
Happy Mother's Day!


This and That

photos taken from Pinterest
I can't promise that this post will be too interesting, but I thought I'd better write about something so that my  little blog would not feel neglected. :)

-On Friday, we got to spend some time with friends, and it was so much fun! I am very thankful for good friends! 

-On Saturday, I auditioned for Greenleaf Music & Arts studio. Normally you have to take some sort of class to be able to audition, but this show, Kids of Bristol (which is the story of George Mueller), is Greenleaf's family show, so anyone can audition.
I was a little nervous about it, but I think I did well and walked away feeling pretty confident.

-And then yesterday, I found out who I will portraying in the show...drum roll, please... 
Mrs. Clayborn!

I will have to wait until I get the script to see how big of a role Mrs. Clayborn is, but I am thankful that I at least got a part in the show!

-Thursday night is the awards ceremony for our CC group. All of the kids who worked hard and achieved the different levels of memorization will receive medals and then there will be a little reception type thing afterwards. I am a little sad because once the awards ceremony comes to an end, CC will officially be over. :(

It's definitely been a fun year for I think everyone involved and I will miss it. *sniff, sniff*


 This is exactly how I feel!

-My sweet cousin, Grant turns 7 today! How is that even possible?! I mean, really?

Happy Birthday, buddy! I love you SO much!

Well, I better get off now and (reluctantly) return to my schoolwork...

Have a lovely day! :)


Happy 7th, Dresden!

7 years ago today, my sweet sister, Dresden, was born.

I was about six-and-a-half when she was born, and I remember really, really wanting a sister. I also remember just having a feeling that the new baby was going to be a girl, I just knew it! :)

Dresden has always been the creative one in our family. She LOVES to draw pictures, and is totally the best artist out of the six of us. :)

She is funny, sweet, caring, stubborn, independent, loves style and will often wear dresses around the house, a tad dramatic at times, compassionate, a little nurse to everyone (she will seriously be really concerned whenever I have a cut on my arm or leg or something that is bleeding, and she will wash the cut and then put a Band-Aid on it), and she (sometimes) loves to clean! How awesome is that!? :)

I am  very thankful that God gave me a sister like Dresden, because I have learned a lot over the past seven years! It is a big responsibility to be a big sister, especially to little girls, because they especially look up to and want to be like you.
 And I feel that Dresden and I are very close, even though we are several years apart.
 I pray that when we are adults, we will still have a strong relationship and be each others' best friends.

This picture makes me smile. It was taken a few days after Dresden was born, so it was 2005. As you may have already guessed, Dresden is the little baby. :)


How can you be seven years old already?!
I remember the day you were born; how happy I was that you were a girl, holding you for the first time, and knowing that I loved you very much, even though I didn't even know who you were. And it has been so fun to watch you grow and change these seven years! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and change and mature in your walk with Christ over the years to come.
You are a sweet little sister, and I love you so much!
Happy Birthday!
Your big sister,
Alley :)