Pics of the CC Awards Night

Here are a few photos that my mom took of the awards night for our CC group. It was a fun time, and I am thankful for all of the many friends I've made this past year! :)

Mom and us kids before heading out. My dad took this picture and thought it would look cool from this angle. Oh, Daddy... :D

And then we had to have a picture with our dear father as well! :) I love Liam's face....very typical for him.

reciting the scripture memory work
Dresden, doing the motions for the timeline
Liam and his good friend, Noah.
Liam, about to receive his Memory Master award...SO proud of him!
reciting the first twelve elements of the Periodic Table

Me, receiving my Honorary Memory Master award.
Congratulations, Memory Masters! (again, LOVE Liam's face)

We finally did it!!!

And...well, these are sort of unrelated, but here a few pics from our fun afternoon with friends earlier this month.

Photo credit goes to Keely
Ya got me!

Hi, Keely!

Sorry, Keely...I just had to. :D

Well, that's about it.

And now I must go prepare for a fun evening with my little cousins, who are here on a surprise visit from out of town!

Have a great Monday and enjoy this lovely Spring weather!  :)


Keely*luv2write* said...

thanks a lot, Alley. ;)

Alley said...

you're welcome. ;)

isolagirl said...

You did it, Alley!