Hello There. :)

 -Because I don't have anything of much importance to talk about, I'm going to share a few photos I've found on
 Pinterest, the awesome online world that can literally suck you into it for hours at a time. :D

When I saw this, it struck me as really funny, and I couldn't stop laughing!

Keely, when I saw this, I thought of you!


I better stop now, or I'll go crazy! Can you tell that I love Pinterest? ;)

-These are videos of Megan when she was about a year  old that I found a few weeks ago...oh, where did the time go?  (please, please ignore my very high pitched voice...I was ten, okay?!)

-And here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Megan is such a good mommy
"Liam, DON'T get water on the camera, or you're going to regret it!"
sweet girl

Have a...umm...marvelous Monday! (I was trying to go with the whole start-with-the-same-letter-as-the-day-of-the-week-thing) :)


Keely*luv2write* said...

ooO! I made it onto your blog! That surprised me! :) I enjoyed getting to see you on Sunday. You should come over again soon!

Kady said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! ok, that first picture scared me...a little. :)