Just Some Quick Things...

-Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my friend Keely and her brothers and sisters, which was so much fun!

Keely and I also had a lot of fun dressing up a little and taking a few pictures. (yeah, it was kind of a lot of pictures.)
 Here are two of the many shots of me from our little photo shoot. Keely did an awesome job on all of the photo editing!

Thanks so much, Keely! Awesome photos!

-Another thing that happened yesterday: I became an official, honorary Memory Master! *squeals with excitement.*
I have been working a lot with Liam on the CC material the past few weeks, and I picked up on a lot of things. So, I decided I would try to get Memory Master, mostly to see if I could do it! And I did!

Anyway, I am very excited about achieving the thing I have been working so hard for the past month or so!
Liam is also a Memory Master--way to go, Liam! Dresden also has completed all of her Scripture testing, so she is a Scripture Master, I guess! :)  I am a very proud big sister.

 -Uncle John is still hanging on. My family and and I have all been at the Hospice House a lot over the past few days, talking, laughing, sharing memories of Uncle John. Please continue to pray for our family during this time. Thanks so much!

 Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Aidyl Ewoh said...

Aww, you’re cute in those pictures. =)

Alley said...

Thanks! :)

Keely*luv2write* said...

Thanks! I made it onto your blog!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!>>>>>>>>

Lauri said...

Omigosh, ur soo pretty!!!

Alley said...

Lauri, awww, thank you! :)