Wait, what? Is it March already?!

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Wow, March has kind of sneaked up on me! (I wanted to use the word "snuck" here, but is that even a word?)

I really hope that Spring is truly on its way, and that Winter is going to be leaving soon! I am not going to be sorry to say goodbye to that season!

It seems like the years pass before I can hardly turn around now that I am older. I remember that as a little kid, I would wait and wait and wait and wait for Christmas or my birthday to come, and it would seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r for December to roll around, and then August would be another long time in coming. And I would never understand it when adults would say things like, "Oh, I can't believe it's March again" or "How can it be Christmas again already?" But now that I have a better prospective on time, I totally understand how they feel. Was it really almost seven months ago that I turned thirteen? Has it really been almost four years since Megan was born? How is it possible that we moved to Germany almost ten years ago?

Life goes on; changes take place, people grow and change. Just think about where you were five years ago, and what you were like....have you changed? Has your life changed? I know that I have changed, and my life has, too.

I often struggle with change, especially changes that will be different and new, that will set my world to spinning. But one thing that I find comfort in is that God will never change. He has always been there, and always will be there. He is the same God that He was when He delivered the Israelites from slavery, the same God who loves and takes care of His children. No matter what changes, whether good or bad, I am facing in my life, God will always be just the same. And I am very thankful for that blessing.

With that said, I wanted to share a couple of pictures and a little about what has been going on since I last posted.

-On Wednesday, my mom, siblings, and I went to Chick-Fil-A for receipt day (basically, receipt day is a day where if you buy a meal at Chick-Fil-A and save the receipt, you can come back sometime in March and get that same meal for free! Yeah, it's pretty awesome). It was very crowded (the line was almost out the door), but we managed to order, find a table, make it out of the restaurant, and still be alive to tell the tale!  :)

We sat by a window on that very sunny day...

 -Yesterday, we went to the Lanesfield one room schoolhouse with our Classical Conversations group. Let's just say that it was a very different experience. The teacher was very strict and would get on to us if we stood or sat without permission from him. He was a nice man, but his job was to show we ignorant homeschoolers what children going to a one room schoolhouse in 1904 was really like, and he did a great job!
We practiced penmanship (with pens and actual ink in a bottle), math, geography, history, and one of the last things we did was a spelling bee. I actually did pretty well, I thought. I was the second to last child standing (way to go, Keely!).

It was probably one of the most quiet field trips I have ever gone to. I mean, no one said a word unless speaking to the teacher.

But it taught me a lot and showed me that I am spoiled. Those kids were very sternly disciplined if they misbehaved or did anything out of turn, and had to sit in their seats with their backs straight, their eyes to the front, and their mouths shut. What, I ask you, changed over the course of a hundred years? Those children were probably a lot more self disciplined and respectful to adults than children today. Kids in schools today often text, whisper, or shoot spitballs at the teacher while their back is turned. And even most homeschoolers are used to a pretty relaxed home school. I don't really know what changed...

Overall it was a very fun experience and I think that if I went to school I would go to a one room schoolhouse, as the idea of children in first through eighth grade learning in the same room has always sounded pretty cool to me. The older ones could help the younger ones, they all were taught by one teacher all day long, and were well disciplined and respectful.

Ahh, field trips; ya gotta 'em...

Sadly, I have no pictures from our day there, mainly because cameras were not allowed in the classroom, and also...I forgot my camera.

So that is it. In a nutshell....well, I guess I have to stop avoiding it and go unload the dishwasher...have a good Friday, everyone! :)

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Keely*luv2write* said...

awww! I love those pics of you and your siblings! Yes, Lanesfield was fun. Thanks!