More Randomness!!!

Well, I'm back again,trying to make sense of all the randomness in my brain, readers! Aren't you excited?! :D

It may seem kind of strange that I blog about, say, weird things on Wednesday, flowers on Friday, and shoes on Saturday, but trust me, you'll get used to it. :) That is just how I roll.
Speaking of blogging, that is what I sat down to do before I got lost on a rabbit trail.
Without further ado....

-I found these quotes, and I love them!

                                               This one is for anyone who is like me and loves to read...

I couldn't agree more!

                                   This one is for anyone who is also like me and loves ice cream. :)

SO true!

-I snapped this picture of Megan this morning a few minutes before we left for CC.

Sweet girl!
Speaking of Megan...

I love a girl in pigtails!

-I got my first taste of what being in a movie is like today! As far as the actual filming process, that is. My friend Rachel and I played around a little with the video camera and tripod she had brought to CC, just shooting improvised little scenes, positioning the camera in many, many different ways so that we could shoot from several angles in order to make the result look "professional". I saw first hand that shooting one scene, even a short one, over and over again can take a while, as well as improvising lines, which I am horrible at, by the way! In addition to all that playing with the camera and lighting, we also did each other's hair and talked about mindless, random things. It was a fun time. Thanks, Rachel for bringing all of the equipment so that we were able to experiment a little.

And a little later, I was able to spend some time (not nearly enough) with Keely, Emma, and several other great friends as well! I love Mondays!

-I found this quote on Pinterest and thought that it was very well said.

This is a great reminder, as I sometimes struggle with God's timing. Lord, make me more patient and help me to have more faith in you.

-Am I the only one who loves wiggly, soft, yummy....


What? I told you I was going to be random!

 -This is what we are having for supper tonight:


That's all of my randomness for right now! Have a good night!

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Anonymous said...

Jello is good when it hasn't competly hardened, or when it has been sitting out a while. Otherwise, BLECH! ;)But hot dogs are ALWAYS good.