Spring is here! (I hope...)

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 Spring has finally sprung! Or at least I very much hope so!

I just stepped outside and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the warm sunshine and the breeze, instead of by a freezing wind that stings my cheeks and snow on the ground. I am normally not that outdoorsy, if you know what I mean, but  hearing those birds singing, seeing the sunshine, and watching the branches of the trees sway  back and forth with the wind makes me want to frolic through a field, barefoot, gathering flowers and just enjoying God's beautiful creation. But I guess I will have to settle for sitting out on the back porch reading, since I live in the city and don't exactly have a field to go frolic in. *sighs wistfully*

I'm not really a Winter person; I am very content to just sit by a window with a cup of hot tea and watch the snow fall, or the rain pour, but I am not a big fan of being cold or wet or heavy winter coats. That's why I love Spring. This season makes me want to go outside and play, to breathe deeply of the clean air, to feel the warm (not hot, but warm) sun on my back, legs, and arms, to dig my toes in the dirt, to maybe even do a little gardening.

 I love these Spring days, and pray that they will stick around and we won't have another round of a Kansas winter!

Have a lovely Spring day. 

                              "He has made everything beautiful in its time..." ~Ecclesiastes 3:11  (ESV)

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