It's so hard sometimes...

to be loving.

to be patient.                                                                                  

to be gentle.

to be unselfish.

 to practice self-control and fight against my sinful nature.

to realize that it is not all about me and what I want.

to trust God with my future.

to hold onto things loosely and leave the people I love completely in God's hands.

to turn the other cheek.

to love my enemies as Christ first loved me.

to trust God, even when everything seems to be going wrong.

to be like Christ.

And then I always have to remind myself that I can't do these things in my own strength. I just can't. I have to go to the Lord and ask Him to help me. And He will.

Sometimes, I can't wait until we all get to Heaven, where we will be perfect, no longer having a sinful nature. Can you imagine how wonderful that will be? To be perfect and in the presence of God? There will be no more pain, no more sorrows, no more goodbyes. How...awesome!

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