So, what's really goin' on around here?

This week, Liam has been working feverishly, preparing for Memory Master testing. What is Memory Master testing, you ask? Well, come Monday, Liam will be tested on all 24 weeks of the Classical Conversations material (science, history, geography, Latin, math, etc.). If he can succeed, he will be given the title of Memory Master! Go, Liam!
Liam had asked me earlier in the week to be his accountability trainer, and I wonder if now he regrets making that request, because I have worked him very hard, almost tirelessly. But Liam has done very well, and I am very proud of him. *sniff, sniff* :)

This afternoon, my mom went to help my grandma finish some last minute packing, as my grandparents are moving tomorrow. So....it is just me, Liam, Dresden, and Megan with no adult supervision. That's right: be scared....

Anyway, I actually managed to snap a few blog-worthy photos of my adorable siblings on this lazy afternoon...

Becoming weary, but must.not.give.up!

Practicing the 13 times table...

"Alley, go away! I'm on the phone!"

Our skeleton person....I call her...Amanda! 

Little Miss Megan.
Dresden, reading...wow, is she really that old already?
Phoebe, diligently keeping her vigil of the street, trees, cars, squirrels, leaves, and whatever else she looks at when she sits there every day.

And, I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures...man, I have got to get a better camera!

So, this is basically what is going on around here these days....

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! :)    


Keely*luv2write* said...

I'm glad you are all doing well!
Luv you!

Alley said...

Keely, how are you guys doing? I know that you must be pretty busy, what with your move coming up and all. You and your family and in my prayers!
Luv ya!