Our weekend, in pictures.

Hi again! :)

This post is, as the title may imply, our weekend in pictures. Another good name for this post would be, "Pictures Galore!"

-On Saturday, my grandparents moved to an apartment complex that is literally about two minutes from our house! I have been waiting so long for my grandparents to live very close to me, and now it has finally happened! 

There is a good sized court yard right outside the apartment door, and because Saturday was a gorgeous day, we headed outside to get all of our pent up energy out by running around and playing. And I was able to get several good pictures of my active siblings, which was a plus!


silly Dresden!

I love this coach light; it looks so...elegant!

I love how Dresden looks so serious and angry in this one...and she wasn't even posing! On a side note, it has been about four months since I was last able to wear flip-flops! Oh how I have missed you, dear flip-flops!

"I will attack you with my sharp, pointy sticks!"

I love his pensive face in this one.

I love these kids. :)

-After hanging out at the apartment for a little while, we headed to McDonald's for cheeseburgers and ice cream!

I (finally!) figured out how to use my my mom's camera! No more iPod pictures! Yay! :)

He did not want me to take his picture, so he determined to make it a bad picture...I like it, though. :)

I took this picture and thought that it looked cool....

Playing with Legos.

Oh no! The evil ninjas have snatched the unsuspecting Lego girls from their tree house! This is what happens when you play Legos with your big brother....

Are you comfortable, Phoebe?

Because of the red eye situation in this picture, I look like a blood-thirsty maniac about to eat her brother!

Again with the Red Eye of Doom! Does anybody know how to fix red eyes in pictures? I have tried fixing it on the camera, but the thing is... I don't exactly know how to, since I have just started using this camera... it's a Nikon. Grrr! So frustrating!

This is a picture of a picture of me and Liam about ten and a half years ago. I was three, and Liam was just a few weeks old at the time. We were so little back then....

My lovely friend, Rachel.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Aren't you...ummm...about ten years too young?!

 A little flower, just beginning to bloom. :)

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Spring weather we've been having! I sure know that I am!

I hope to be back soon, sharing more stories and pictures of my crazy life, so stay tuned... :)

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