Happy Pi Day!

 You know you're a homeschooling family when....you celebrate "Pi Day".

 And, because we are so nerdy, we even made cookies and pizza to celebrate this sacred day! :)

My mom decorated the one that says "Pi Day", and I decorated the one that says "3.14". I think that this is obvious proof that I am not very talented in the art of cookie decorating. :(
I desperately wish I could say that I have pictures of our Pi-neapple pizza as well, but sadly, I took the pictures when the memory card was not in the camera. *slaps head*
To put it lightly, I was not happy when I realized that the pictures were just gone from the camera! Rats!

Anyway, we made a pizza with rings of pineapple on it to represent "Pi".

 To sort of make up for the fact that I have zero pictures of the pizza, here are some pictures of our Pi Day festivities from last year...

Our Pi cookies.

The pizza...

-On another note, how about this bizarre weather we've been having? I mean, you never know what to expect in Kansas! One day it's snowing, and the next, it is 75 degrees!

Speaking of which, I was very surprised when I heard the words "can we please turn on the air conditioner?" coming from my mouth last night!

I do enjoy the treat of running around barefoot, in March, though.

 That just gave me a thought! If it is this hot in March, what is it going to be like in June? And July? And August? Alley, calm down.

 Let's think about something else...ahh, I know! Pictures of "The Three". :)

Dresden, working in her "office".


 Keep cool and have a happy week filled with smiles, giggles, and pleasant surprises!


Lorie B said...

I just love your blog! : )

Alley said...

Thanks, Mimi! :)