The Actual Alley

Hey, blog readers!
I know that I have already sort of done this same thing on another page on this blog, but after reading these blog posts, I wanted to do one of my own!

Here goes...

I am...Alley. If you know me, you know that I am a social girl who loves to talk and interact with people. If you don't personally know me, than that's basically who I am. :)

I want...to spend more time studying God's Word, learn how to knit, and to possess a lifetime supply of Girl Scout cookies. :) 

I have...Christmas pj bottoms that I wear year-round.

I keep...letters, cards, and notes from my family and friends.

I wish I could...be loving, patient, gentle, and kind all the time.

I hate...abortions; it is taking the life of a living, breathing, human being. To quote Horton from the movie Horton Hears a Who: "A person's a person; no matter how small."                                                         

I fear...the death of someone I love.

I hear...my mom talking, doors opening and closing, but other than that, it is actually pretty quiet around here. Wow.

I don't think...that diet drinks taste very good.

I regret...when I am impatient.

Fierce hunter Alley is on the loose!
I love...Jesus Christ, my family, friends, and hanging out with my family and friends                   

I am not...a math whiz.

I dance...I don't dance.

I sing...all the time. In the shower, while doing schoolwork, while cleaning, while...okay, you get the picture.

I never...garden.

I rarely...cry

I cry when...I am overwhelmed or extremely sad.

I am not always...creative.

I hate that... Christians have been/still are persecuted and killed for their belief in God.

I am confused about...(sometimes) my future.

I need...to spend more time in prayer.

I should...get off the computer.

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