Dresden's Art & Random Pictures

Since I know you all love posts with pictures, I have returned again with some more pictures to share. :)

-Earlier this week, Liam finished The Lord of The Rings for the 2nd time! I applaud him greatly, because I think that it would be extremely difficult to read a book like that. Maybe one of my goals for 2013 should be to step out of my comfort zone and read The Lord of the Rings....

However, I hope to read The Hobbit very soon, after I finish the book I am currently reading. (I don't do well with simultaneous reading.)  Anyhow, here is Liam with his "precioussss" book! (get it?!) ;)

Sorry, bad quality, I know. Yikes!
-Yesterday, Dresden brought this picture that she had drawn over to where I was sitting and showed it to me.
She is kind of into cartoon type art lately, and I think that Dresden did an awesome job for a six-year-old!
You might have to tilt your head to see this better. PS: as the top of the picture implies, she gave it to me!

-Earlier yesterday morning, I found this picture, also from the art collection of Dresden, on the kitchen table. I may be slightly prejudiced, but isn't this great?! I mean, I could never have drawn this! Ever!

I love the "Hellos". :)

-This morning, Dresden volunteered to show me how to draw the cartoon person (the picture before last) that she had drawn. After much coaching from Dresden, I managed to draw this:

It may not be the best, but I am pretty proud of my work. ;)

Then, we preceded to cut out our artwork and color it.

I love the idea that Dresden had of drawing an ear and then drawing an earring hanging from it! What can I say; I'm a girly-girl!  (Is that how you spell it?)

As you probably guessed, the first one is mine. *sighs* I guess I do not have as much talent in art as I thought I did; my little sister put me to shame!

It was fun to be able to just spend some one-on-one time with Dresden, especially since that doesn't happen too often. It's funny; used to, I would be the one to teach Dresden how to draw, and now that she has crafted her talent, she is now teaching me, her elder sister of almost seven years, to draw! But that's okay. I am glad that she is so artistic and is able to teach me something new, when usually I'm the one teaching her!

-And, because I have talked about the other two, we can't forget Megan, now can we? 

"Smile, Megan!"
 Have a happy Saturday!!!

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