Family fun day!

This weekend has been a fun weekend.

-On Friday, my family had a family fun day. My brother, sisters and I had some Christmas money that we hadn't spent yet and wanted to go shopping, so we all headed out to have some fun!  Our first stop was Toys 'R' Us, where Legos, (Liam and Dresden) a baby doll (Megan) and an iPod charger (me) were purchased.

Our next stop was the American Girl store in Oak Park mall. My sister Dresden really wanted to see it since we have never been there before, so we spent about half an hour just looking at all of the different displays of American Girl dolls, although we didn't end up buying anything there.

Then we ate lunch at the food court in the mall.

After lunch we went to a used bookstore and looked around for a bit, though my dad was the only one who bought any books.

After that, we went to Target where Liam bought more Legos, Megan found a....(surprise!) baby doll that she fell in love with and my mom found a little hand held vacuum cleaner. (I wonder where you get to the point where you want to buy a household item like a vacuum cleaner instead of toys and stuff? Maybe whenever you have a house? ;))

The next place we went was the movie theater, where we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but it was cute.

We ended our fun day by going to IHOP for supper. I haven't been there in a LONG time and it was great to eat "fancy" breakfast food. :)

Even though we were exhausted when we got home, we were all happy with our purchases and all agreed that family fun day had been a big success!

-Yesterday we did....nothing! Ahh....sometimes I really love doing nothing, especially after such a busy day the day before. The only things I did was watched The Sound of Music (one of my all time favorite musicals) and at 3:30 went to my girls book club at the library.

-Today, we did not go to church because most of us have coughs and runny noses. So we are just hanging out today.

I am not looking forward to starting back to school on Tuesday! Hmmm...maybe I can milk this little stuffed up nose I have for a few more days. *evil grin* 

I hope everyone's week has been a good one!

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