Life is...

 uneventful right now. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but...you know.
But not all hope is lost. I have managed to gather a few random little topics, which I will now blog about for anyone out there who might happen to read this blog's interest. :) 

The one thing that has really stirred up some excitement in my house is the news that my friend's new baby brother was born on Monday! I am so happy for their family and can't wait to see the newest addition to it. :)

I went to a dance class yesterday with my friend because it was bring-your-friend-to-class week, which was very interesting, because, as anyone that knows me at least a little probably already knows this about me, I.CANNOT.DANCE. For the life of me. I am more the acting/singing type, I guess. Anyway...
the class was for tap. I probably enjoy tap more than ballet, hip hop, etc,. I have always loved the sound of  tap shoes; when I pulled on those borrowed tap shoes and did my first few taps, I got this strange feeling that I was in a Shirley Temple movie. ;)  The class was fun and the teacher and the other students were very nice and  very easy on me. It was a good experience to step out of my comfort zone a little and  dance. I even learned a thing or two, I might dare to add. ;)

Last night, my sister Dresden and I were watching a show and one of the people on the show had a slight southern accent.
Dresden: "that girl has an accident." Me: "do you mean an accent?" Dresden: "yeah. An acc....accident."

And, just so my blog is not devoid of pictures, here is a random picture:

                                                                Megan (almost 4)

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