October Baby (2012)

My mom and I watched this movie a couple of nights ago, and I really liked it!

 October Baby is the story of a nineteen-year-old girl named Hannah who discovers she is adopted and the result of a failed abortion. The movie is about Hannah finding herself, and it shows the importance of forgiveness. 

I think that "Hannah" is really pretty

I liked this movie because it made the point that every life is beautiful and that an unborn baby, no matter how small, is not just "tissues", but a human being that God created and made in His image.

To quote Horton from Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
"A person's a person, no matter how small."

Hannah and her friend, Jason were too cute. :)

 October Baby is a good, Christian film that talks about how we should be willing to forgive others because Christ has forgiven us.

I recommend this movie, but when you watch it, keep the Kleenex nearby if you're a crier. :)

Have you seen October Baby?


Rachel Leila said...

Been wanting to see October Baby for awhile now. Still haven't! It sounds good. :)

Keely*whowrites* said...

I've seen that movie a lot, and it makes me cry like nine times every time. No kidding. It's one of the best movies.