The Cross & The Switchblade

Another story successfully told! The Cross & The Switchblade was a great show and it was such a joy to work with this godly, encouraging cast! I had so much fun, as always when it comes to Greenleaf. :)
I am thankful that I got to be a part of sharing the gospel through this story.

Here are some pictures from one of our rehearsals. (Disclaimer: these pictures are not mine. All credit goes to Greenleaf)

"You kill the preacher! I'll give you anything you want, just kill the preacher."

David and Lil' Bo (this is one of my favorites)

Officers Dumbrowski and Cahill

"Well hallelujah, Preacher! *spits in David's face* You ain't never gonna get Nicky Cruz!"


Kady said...

Miss that show...
Can I use some of your pictures for a blog post?

Alley said...

Me too!!! :(
Sure. They aren't mine though...I just added a "disclaimer" to my post because I got them from their TC&TS event page on FB. :) They are great pictures.

Kady said...

Ok, thanks. I'll "disclaim" too. :)