Who Reads?

I've been wondering lately: who reads my blog? Who gets enjoyment from visiting my little corner of the web?  

I'm just curious. I want to know if my blog is worth reading; is it benefiting the ones who read it? Is it encouraging others?

I have also been thinking about all that I write about here, and have decided that I want this blog to focus on the Lord even more.

I want to write about my family and about the things that God is teaching me. I want to encourage others in my writing and, most importantly, bring glory to God.

So, I will try my best to blog about things that have a specific focus, that focus being to capture the many blessings that the Lord has given me and to keep a record of my walk with Him during these teen years.

 I hope that you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing in it!


Aidyl Ewoh said...

Hey Alley, I normally get on your blog once or twice a week. =) Keep it up!


Hough said...

I read, I added you to my Google Reader so I reach each post. Look forward to how God will continue to be glorified in your writing.

- Brian Hough

Anonymous said...

I read your blog! Keep up the good work! Love you. :)

Madeline May said...

Hi Alley! I read your blog and luv it! Your one of my favorite blog spots!!!! I get on here every time I'm on the computer!


Keely*whowrites* said...

I read your blog!! (i luv it):D

Alley said...

Thanks for all the encouraging comments, y'all! Keeps me motivated to keep writing, for sure! :)

Lorie B said...

I very much enjoy hearing by way of your blog how God is working in your life! I love you!