It's Over... :(

The Kids of Bristol Town is over. *sniff, sniff*

We had three great shows and a great audience at every one. Each show was better than the last, and God helped us to use the talents He has given us to tell the story of George Mueller to the best of our abilities.

 It was such a fun week and I pray that The Kids of Bristol Town worked in the hearts of the ones who watched it and maybe even brought some to Christ.

Greenleaf is such an encouraging, down-to-earth, fun, safe environment, and I didn't feel criticized or anything during my time there, which is big to me because it is easy, no matter what situation you are in, for people to 'tear down' instead of 'build up'.

One of the things that I loved about Greenleaf was that the focus was truly on God. We sang praise songs and prayed before each show. We gave each other high fives after every scene and just encouraged one another. You could really just sense that the whole cast wanted to bring glory and honor to God while they were on the stage. It was so awesome to be a part of such a great, Christian cast!

 Dresden was even able to be in the show, (she played my child) and it was fun having her hang out with us.

There was a cast party at Greenleaf yesterday afternoon, which was a lot of fun. It was great to reward ourselves for working so hard over the past week by eating snacks, laughing and performing 'bloopers' of some of the scenes on the stage.

Even though I'm sad the show is over, I am looking forward to doing more with Greenelaf over the years!

Dresden and I each got a bouquet of roses from our grandparents! These pretty flowers make me smile. 

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