Honor Your Hero!

Hey, y'all! :)

One of my favorite bloggers, Maddie, wrote a post about one of her heroes and why that person is her hero (great idea, Maddie!).

I was one of the ones she "tagged" to write a post about their hero.

So, even though I have more than one hero, I decided to write about Candace Cameron. If you've ever seen the show Full House, that name may sound familiar to you!

Candace played D.J. Tanner on Full House from about the time she was 10 to 18.

The main reason I chose Candace to write about is because she is a Christian actress.
Being an actress myself, I know how difficult it can be is to work in the acting industry and also be a Christian. She is an inspiration and an encouragement to me that it can be done; you can be an actress and have a close relationship with the Lord as well. It's not always easy, but it's possible.

Currently, Candace Cameron (now Candace Cameron Bure) is married and has three children (her daughter is actually one day younger than me!) and she is still acting. As of 2010, she was living in Los Angeles, California, acting in a series on ABC Family called Make It or Break It, portraying the character of Summer van Horne.

Candace also recently wrote a book titled, Reshaping It All:Motivation for Spiritual and Physical Fitness.

Another interesting fact about Candace: her older brother, Kirk Cameron, starred on the family sitcom Growing Pains around the same time she was acting on Full House.

Candace Cameron has just always inspired me. It's rare that you find an actress who is a real Christian! She's always been someone I've wished to be like!

I'm giving Candace Cameron the award of integrity, as I'm sure it takes some to stand firm in her faith while being in 'show biz'!

the cast of Full House

Candace Cameron

And here are the rules for doing this and tagging your friends, too!

1.  Write some facts on your blog about the hero of your choice. 
2. Give one reason why you chose that particular person. 
3.  Make up an award for your hero (Ex.  Honoring George Washington for the courage he had and standing up for the land he believed in.  Thank you.) 
4.  Tag 5 friends
5.  Tell them they have to do it with the hero of their choice. 
6. Have fun!

Okay, now it's time to "tag" five bloggers to do this! (though I'm not sure I can come up with five people... :)) Ready?

 (And guys, don't feel pressured about doing this...it's just for fun. And it is fun! :))

Thanks, Maddie for the idea and for tagging me! 

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