Goodbye, August

-We haven't being doing too much these days, and part of the reason is because most of us have had colds this past week and have felt too bad to go anywhere. Only my dad and I were staying well, but this morning I feel like I'm coming down with a mild cold... :( But the ones who got sick first are recovering, so hopefully by the time I feel normal, everyone will be 100% healthy again! :)
there's been a lot of these around our house lately...
-I've been plugging away at school this week.
My workload has increased a lot this school year, and the work is very challenging (one of the things I had to do this week for school is read the book of Genesis, which has 50 chapters in it, in three school days!). I am having to ask the Lord to help me to persevere and have a good attitude...

But overall, I am liking my curriculum and am already feeling like I've learned a lot!

 -I read this devotional last week and thought it was really good! It's not very long, and worth the read!

-It's (almost) September? Really? 
I am looking forward to cooler days (hopefully there will be some), looking at the pretty leaves, eating soup.
Fall is probably my favorite season.
I love Fall. It's such a beautiful season!

Goodbye, August, Hello, September!

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Aidyl Ewoh said...

September… Ahh, my favorite month of the year. {Or October, depending on the weather of different years.} Autumn, so, so beautiful!