Thank you, Lord!

I am thankful for all of the things, big and small, in my everyday life. God has blessed me in so many ways, and even though I should always be noticing and being thankful for the blessings He has given me, I have just recently been noticing some little things that have reminded me just how much I have to be thankful for.

....Megan's sweet little voice, dimpled smile, silly giggles and her little arms wrapping around me make me smile and really appreciate and love the age she is right now. 

...laughing with Liam about a very odd TV show makes me think about what my life would be like without my one and only brother in it, making me laugh, making me smile, talking to me about Legos. :)

...my siblings; they are the three people in the whole world who I can get into a fight with and then 10 seconds later, be laughing with. Siblings are very much a big blessing from God, we just don't realize it most of the time and often take them for granted, I think.

...late night Bible reading in the Psalms. Thank you, Lord, for your Word that I can open any time and find comfort and encouragement and be reminded of Your love for me. 

  ...a kind neighbor and his lovable dog. :)

Thank you, Lord, for all of the many blessing You have given me and my family...too many to count. 
Enjoy the "little" moments in life, Reader. Enjoy all of the blessings the Lord has given you, big and small; take the time to stop and appreciate and savor the everyday, simple beauty that surrounds you.

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