Summer Pics (Part 1)

Hey, guys! How has your summer been so far? Ours has been good, but busy!

We have been enjoying the pool, a lighter schoolwork load (we are mostly doing just math and science), being able to wear shorts and t-shirts again and playing outside (even though we can only be out there for about 15-20 minutes before running back into the air conditioned house :) ).

just chillin'....

pretty Dresden :)

I love the little flowers all around, just beginning to bloom.

    And this...is the product of a little baking project I conducted for Dresden yesterday afternoon. As you can probably tell, the right half was Liam's area to decorate, and the left, the girls'. The beautiful icing designs were the artwork of Liam and Dresden...okay, I helped a little bit! 
I think we should go into the business of making and decorating cakes, don't you? ;)

So that has mostly been our summer so far in pictures; I am so glad to be holding the camera again, capturing the little moments of our everyday life, as I haven't had the time for several weeks to take pictures and have missed it. 

I hope you all are having a great summer as well! Stay cool and Happy Saturday! :)


Kady said...

It's Saturday?! ...So it is. Time is flying by so quickly!
It is in these times that I thank God for air conditioning and water balloons!:D
Wonderful cake! I'm craving marshmallows right now even though I know how ridiculously bad they are for you...

Alley said...


Ha! Tell me about it! I can't believe that it's almost July already! It doesn't seem like it's been six months since Christmas!

Ahhh...water balloons. I had forgotten about those. Yep, definitely something to be thankful about. :)

Thanks. :D
Marshmallows are really good... and it's okay: I convinced my mom earlier today to let me eat a bowl of ramen noodles (my dad eats it sometimes, that's why we have it), which are super unhealthy for you! So, you're not the only one who craves unhealthy stuff. :)