Happy Birthday, Bro! :)

Today is my brother's 11th birthday. It's a little hard to believe he is already that old! I know it sounds kind of funny, but it makes me feel old!

Liam was my playmate when we were young, and now that we are older, he is one of my best buddies! We have always been very close, and I thank God for giving me a brother.

this is an old picture...he looks so little! 

He was like 7 or 8 here. He sure has grown up! :)
 If you know my brother, you know that he is very...funny. He's always cracking jokes and talking in an Australian and British accent. Someone recently told me that they thought Liam was so funny and it must be fun to live with him. And it is. He sure keeps me laughing!

Liam loves to be the clown. My mom has had to remind him many times to be quiet while we're doing school. :)

Liam is also very compassionate, and always has been. He has a kind heart and desires to please God. He has said for a few years he thinks that he might want to be a pastor when he grows up. And I think he'd make a great pastor!

 And for old time's sake...this is a picture of of me and Liam during our Germany days. :)

Happy Birthday, Liam! I love you. A lot. :)


Madeline said...

Awesome!!! 11 is a good age for brothers! Mine is going to be 13 in 2 months..... Time flies fast!

Alley said...

Wow! Yes, it sure does!