My siblings

Okay, as anyone who knows me knows, I sometimes clash a little bit with my siblings. And by a little bit, I mean a lot.
But, I love them. A lot. They are the people that I never have to say goodbye to, the people that have seen me when I am sick, tired, grumpy, silly, happy, nervous, sad, mad, and crazy. The people who look up to me and love me for who I am.


 Dresden. You are a sweet, caring, funny, stubborn, silly, creative girl! You have always looked up to and wanted to be like me. And even though we fight, almost daily, I love you so much and cannot imagine my life without you in it! I love you, sweet Dresden. 


Megan. Oh, Megan, how do I describe you?!  You are the baby. You are the one that reminds me so much of myself at that age. You are the one who makes us all laugh with your singing, dancing, little stories, and funny voices. You are the dramatic, sweet, and sassy one. You add a lot of....spice, I like to call it, into my life. You are so unique, cute, and special. I love you, Megan.


Oh, Liam! Where do I even begin? You are....
  • funny
  • sweet (in your own way)
  • loyal
  • goofy
  • crazy
  • the one who has been with me the longest
  • the one who laughs with me
  • the one who is willing to be stupid with me
  • the one I fight with
  • the one who talks in a British accent when you are frustrated/being sarcastic  (I'm not kidding; he does!)
  • the one who thinks that passing gas is one of the funniest thing EVER. :)
  • the one who makes up ridiculous songs
  • the one whose smile, laugh, and sense of humor I can't resist
  • the one who competes in chugging contests with me. :)
  • the one who, when you were younger, let me play house with you, dress you up, and pretend you were my baby girl, Veronica
  • one of my best friends

Liam, you and I have always been together. When we were younger, our names were almost like one, AlleyandLiam. :)
I love you, Liam. A lot. And even though you don't say it often, I know you love me, too.

 I am so thankful to God for putting these three very special people into my life. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without them....
I love you guys, and I hope you never forget that!

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