Ahhh. Monday, you are here at last.

I love Mondays. They mean friends, laughter, craziness, and music. In other words, our Classical Conversations group meets on Monday.

And this Monday, my friend Rachel and I got to babysit little chicks! One of the families in our CC group live out in the country, and they brought their new chicks for Show-and-Tell time; they were adorable.  

Aren't they darling?!

 Rachel and the chicks! (please excuse the awful glare; these pics were taken from my iPod, and so they are not the best quality!)

And....well, I just had to post this! :) Lily found my iPod.....
I also had a great time hanging out with my friend Keely and some other friends as well; God has truly blessed me with awesome friends!

We are home now and as I am writing this post, I am hearing raindrops hitting the window. I LOVE that sound! If I don't have to go anywhere, that is! Now if you'll excuse me, dear Reader, I am going to go curl up under a blanket with a book and maybe some hot tea....

I hope that ya'll are having a great Monday, too!


Kady said...

Lolz! Nice Lily:) I also have a attraction to cute, fluffy, adorable, little, peeping chicks!!!:)

Alley said...

Don't we all? ;) I could hardly focus on anything else sometimes; their little peeps were SO cute!