Photo Shoot: Rachel & Alley

I had fun snapping a few photos (okay, okay...a little more than a few :)) with my sweet friend, Rachel recently.

 Me with my favorite twig! ;)

 Me being me.

Me laughing, which is something I did a lot of during this photo shoot.

pretty Rachel

 I look like a small child in this one. 

Wow. I look...really scary here.

 I love this one because I have this very mischievous look on my face. Sort of a Tom Sawyer look. :)

 Another favorite. Rachel is so photogenic! 

 Thanks for a great time, Rachel! I am happy that I now have a lot of good pictures of both of us. 


Rachel Leila said...

The Photoshoot was such fun! :D I love the photo's you picked too!

Kady said...

You guys both look really cute. :) Can I please have your hair, Alley? Just for one day!!

Keely*whowrites* said...

You guys are so cute!! Photoshoots are the best. :)