LOLs :)

Okay, I just have a few funnies to share on here today. :)

I saw this first one a few days ago and laughed so hard! It's so stupid that it's funny. You'll see what I mean...

I think my favorites are the alligator, lizard and t-Rex. 
I also like the sippy cups.... :D

My family recently discovered this comedian. Tim Hawkins and this guy, Thor Ramsey, are my two favorite Christian comedians right now.

Speaking of Tim Hawkins....


And here are a few more funnies.

I got these next ones from my blogging friend, Maddie May. Thanks, Maddie!

This one really tickled me. I don't know if it's his expression, or what, but I literally laughed out loud.
(Speaking of Frodo and LOTR, I finally saw The Hobbit awhile back. I liked it, though I think that the "original" LOTR trilogy is my favorite. Speaking of The Hobbit,--I'm gonna be a total teenage girl here--Kili is not hard on the eyes. Am I right, girls?? ;) Okay. Teenage girl moment over.)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

"Frodo-synthesis" and "Whip thy locks." Ha ha, too funny!
Ps: Alley, you're so right about Kili. He's pretty cute!

Keely*whowrites* said...

I am??!!!
I love the first video! I just about died laughing, and my brother kept staring at me wierd. :)