A Few Pictures

Hallelujah, He is risen!

I hope you all had a great Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus! 
How wonderful it is to know that I can live forever with Him in eternity, all because He took my place and then conquered death! 


Guess what? On this Good Friday, our house was not egged, unlike last year! Yay! :) Cleaning raw egg off of your house is not fun.

Saturday, my siblings and I hid eggs in our yard for each other to hunt, our annual tradition. :)

I became distracted by the sky...I like to take pictures of it...

 Dresden is a pretty skillful egg hider.

 As a side note, I love the reflection of the trees in this picture and the next.  
You're so artistic, Alley, even when you don't mean to be!  ;D

 This one makes me smile. Megan was grumpy because she didn't get to carry the basket when she and Dresden were hunting eggs. By the way, this was taken ten minutes after that happened! As you can see, she doesn't get over things quickly...

We also do an egg toss with Mom every year. This was basically the only decent picture I got of that. 

And...pretty soon, the egg toss became an all out egg fight. :)

Liam running from Dresden, who is about to throw an egg at him
Also, if you look close, you can see the "Narnia lamp post" in our neighbor's yard. I love that lamp post. :)

This one's a little bright, but I just love it! These two already have a sweet relationship. 

  A candid shot. ;) 
I don't have many pictures of Liam holding Haley (probably because Liam usually despises having his picture taken), but he definitely loves her. It's super cute watching him hold and talk to her.

Lookin' pretty on Easter morning

On a totally different topic, my family will be getting a puppy soon! Any name suggestions? We haven't decided on anything for sure yet.

Anyway, here is a picture of our new doggie... 

....April Fool's! 
 Yeah, I know that was lame. :) I just had to do something...

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Really, Alley? I was gonna give you a whole long list of names, and then I read the bottom caption. >:( Jk, Lol. :)

Anonymous said...

That was pretty cruel, Alley. I mean, really. When I saw that dog my entire inside just welled up in a happy adorable doggy "Oh my goodness! It's so cute!!" kind of way. Oh well, I guess you have a right. :) Love the pictures. My favorite is Meagan with Haley. So sweet.

Maddie May said...

You've got such a handsome family Alley! I just did an April Fool joke on my blog:D I giggled over The puppy:-D


Alley said...

Maddie, thanks so much!
Haha! Well, what can I say? I love April Fool's Day. ;)