Two Weeks Old!

Her mohawk is hilarious.

Our sweet little Haley is now two weeks old. She is getting way too big! ;(  But seriously, she has already changed and grown.

at one day old...

 ...at thirteen days old.
 I love listening to the noises she makes in her sleep.

 I am trying to enjoy every minute with Haley while she is still really little, because before I know it, she will be as old as Megan (who is turning five! tomorrow...now how is that possible?!). So, I have been snuggling with Haley, constantly smelling the Baby Magic on her soft skin and just loving all of the joys that come with having a tiny baby in the house. 

Megan had just eaten frozen blueberries when this picture was taken, thus the blue lips. :)

Megan is constantly smothering loving on Haley. I am glad that she has adapted easily to being a big sister.

I call this one Sleep of the Newborn.

Haley is a very good baby; she just takes everything in her stride. She receives many kisses and cuddles all day long and is a good sport about being transferred from one person to another (I fear she will become spoiled by all of this constant attention!). :) She doesn't cry much and likes to look around when she is awake and happy. 

Just look at that precious little face!!!

The only time she doesn't have the mowhawk is right after a bath. And then once her hair dries a little, it gets all fluffy (before it becomes a mohawk again), which looks so cute! :)

Happy two weeks, Haley! Try not to grow up too fast, okay?


Anonymous said...

Ha. My neice is "smothered" with love as well. Every time my three-year old nephew sees her, he gets this look in his eyes, starts talking giberish, and then dashes towards her and starts attacking her with hugs, sometimes falling on her. Poor Penelope. It's good he loves her though. :) Haley is super cute! I am in love with the first picture you put up. Her mohawk is crackng me up.

Keely*whowrites* said...

She is soooo sweet! I hope I can get to see her soon. Much love!