Pictures from TC&TS

So, I have a few pictures in my possession of Greenleaf's The Cross & the Switchblade play that I thought I would post on here.

These pictures were taken by Alex from Hello Mercy Photography

The Chaplain and JC gang. That's right: be afraid.

Aaaand...a slightly less serious one. :D

Me and my reporter buddies in our pose. :)

 looking professional 


Rachel Leila said...

Aw you guys are so cute! (And front and center a bit. ;) ) I love the 1st and forth one. You and Emma are so cute in the first one, and the other one is so dynamic!

Aww! Making me nostalgic for my theater days. :D (Just saw a Sight and Sound Performance so I'm of course dying to get back into performance)

*Sigh* Someday...

Rachel Leila said...

The first one totally looks like one of those promo's for TV shows, where they have the cast line up for a group photo. :D

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love that last reporter picture. That was a fun show!