Boy? Or Girl?

                        We'll be finding out the answer in just two days, Lord willing! We are very excited!

   And to be sure, I'll post the news on here, since I know y'all will be dying with curiosity by then. ;)


Rachel Leila said...

Don't forget to call me!

I bet your so excited!

Alley said...

The ultrasound appointment was moved up a few days, so it won't be Monday, as I'm sure you've guessed. :) So I'll be calling you probably Thursday night or as soon as I can! I won't forget. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww.... That's so fun! I remember finding out the genders of my nephew and niece. :D
By the way, those shoes are just stinken adorable. Baby shoes, socks, and the ittty bitty diapers are so tiny and cute! And the clothes too.... Ok, I'll stop typing now before I get carried away. :)