I know it's been awhile...

...but life has been so busy, blogging has gotten pushed further and further down the list of priorities.

I don't have much to say, so, as is often the case, (a few) pictures will have to speak for me. :)


Dresden took my camera from me one day and started snapping photos...this is one of the ones I found on the camera later.  :D
I also found this on the camera. Oh, Dresden! :) (she would kill me if she knew I posted these on here!)

I've been reading this book for school this week, and it's been really interesting! I'd been looking forward to reading a book by Dr. Sproul ever since the start of the school year, and so far I haven't been disappointed! I'm really enjoying it.

I am going hoping to blog more than I have lately, but it looks like life's going to continue to be pretty busy for awhile, so we'll see...it also depends on if I have anything interesting to say or not. :)

Have a great week!

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