Movie Review: The Avengers

I (finally!) got to see The Avengers yesterday with my parents, and I must say that I loved it. I was very surprised that I liked it so well, since I am not normally "into" superheros and things like that.

But it was a very well done movie and very interesting... I did not regret seeing it at all. Liam and I actually talked about it a lot and it was fun to be able to talk about those things with him! :)

The Avengers:

Iron Man -Tony Stark
Captain America -Steve Rogers
The Hulk -Bruce Banner
Black Widow -Natasha Romanoff
Hawkeye -Clint Barton

And... I just had to post a picture of this guy...
Nick Fury

And then there's...

 Have you seen The Avengers yet?


Anonymous said...

Wow, LOKI looks like Grima Wormtounge from Lord of the Rings.

Alley said...

Oh! You are right! How funny! I never thought of that before...except Loki is not as ugly. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I know the hulk is supposed to be good... but really. Can you trust anybody who's huge and green???!!! :D