Megan is Four!

Megan, on her first birthday...I miss those chubby little cheeks
Megan is four years old today!
I really can't believe that it has been four years since Liam, Dresden, and I were all at the hospital, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new sibling, four years since we first held and met sweet little Megan....the years have just flown!

 Megan has always been very happy (at least most of the time!) and loves to smile! I love her smile because it brings her sweet little dimples out! :)

Megan loves to sing, play house with Dresden or anyone else that is willing to play with her, play with Legos, put on little shows, and keep up with her big siblings; she has never realized that she is just a little bit younger than we are and that she really can't do everything we can. No, she just keeps trying, which brings out another personality trait of Megan: she is stubborn. She's got an iron will. I'm not kidding. She also eats. All.the.time. I'm not kidding about that, either. I mean, she's as bad as my brother! And he's ten! She will literally eat popcorn, an apple, a sandwich, and a bowl of Animal Crackers and still say that she's "hungee!"

She also loves to be a mommy to her baby dolls. And she is a very good mommy. She carries them around, puts them in their little beds, feeds them, bathes them, and even croons to them as she takes care of them. She always wants another baby whenever we go to the store, even though she already has like five-thousand of them....yes, Megan will be a very good mommy when she grows up. :)


Megan is very independent and fearless, and has a smile that can light up a room. She is also probably the most photogenic of all of us. (I'm jealous! :) ) She is a sweet little girl and I have so enjoyed being her big sister these four years, and pray that I will be able to celebrate many more birthdays with her! I am looking forward to watching her grow and change as the years pass, and I just can't imagine my life without Megan, making it exciting!
I will be so sad when she stops being cute, if you know what I mean. Stops saying tomorrlow for tomorrow, stops saying peas for please, stops saying hungee for hungry, stops just randomly giving me hugs, stops being so adorable when she talks with her hands and rolls her eyes (yes, that is pretty cute, even though it probably shouldn't be), stops playing with baby dolls, stops bringing me little drawings of people with no necks and huge eyes, stops...*sighs* I just need to enjoy these days with her when she does still do all of that, and enjoy each new stage of her life as it comes. It still feels like just a few days ago that she was so tiny and just ate and slept, slept and ate, and we didn't even know who Megan was going to be. Well now we know at least a little of who she is going to be, and we love her so much!

Thank you, God for Megan and the blessing that she is to all of us! Thank you for putting her in our family. And thank you for her four little years of life. 

Happy Birthday, Megan Hope! We love you!

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Lorie B said...

What a great blog and tribute to Megan! A special gift from a big sister to her little sister! Great pics too!