Just some quick thoughts...

 Something my mom said about this picture a few months ago has been making me think today.

  As you can see, I am standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and yet am unhappy (I was hot, tired, and thirsty, ok?), not really realizing just how awesome it is to actually be in Paris at just the age of five. My mom pointed out that we as sinners focus on ourselves and get angry when things go the opposite way that we wanted them to go, when really God has us right in front of something awesome!

I feel like sometimes, we as sinners are like the Israelites. God provided them with food, He parted the Red Sea, He gave them water from a rock, He took care of them. But as soon as the Israelites were in need of something, they freaked out and didn't trust that God would take care of them, like He had done so many times before. We are sometimes very fickle and unbelieving of what God can do.  : /

One of the biggest challenges I face is trusting God. I always want to control things, to know everything, to feel secure in the knowledge that I know what is going to happen. But I don't. Only God does. I just have to trust Him, which is sometimes easier said than done!

But I feel comforted that God loves me, has a plan for me, and always does what is best for me, even when I do not understand His reasons. He is a loving parent, always seeking good for His children, and I feel safe to just rest in Him and trust Him.

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